Our Mission - PICTURE PLUS Film Magazine पिक्चर प्लस फिल्म पत्रिका


Our Mission

Project Name : PICTURE PLUS (पिक्चर प्लस)
[A Monthly Bilingual Magazine]
(Dedicated to Indian Cinema & Tourism)

First Edition : Published in June 2016
State : Delhi. City : Delhi
Title Registered by RNI & licensed From Delhi Police Licensing Unit.
ISSN Registered.  

RELAUNCH Plan : (without system and setup expenditure)

Print Order : 25,000 copies
Rs 3,50,000 /- MP  (Full coloured for approx. 25,000 copies)
Lay Out Design : Rs 20,000/- MP
Free Lance Assistance : Rs 20,000/- PM
Asst Editor (One) : Rs 20,000/-PM
Interns  (Two) : Rs 10,000/-PM x 2= Rs 20,000/-
Marketing Executive (Two) : Rs 10,000/PMX2= Rs 20,000/-   
Postal & Distribution Charges : Rs 10,000/-PM
Office Space, Travel, Phone, Electricity, Internet & etc :
Rs 40,000/- PM
Grand Total : Rs 5,00,000/- PM
Response & Feedback
The magazine ‘Picture Plus’ with its quality content, artistic presentation and with impressive gesture has been appreciated by one & all in and around the nationwide platform of this world from its inaugural issue. The huge masses especially belonging to cinema & tourism world has given their complete attention to this long awaited magazine. Since long, the vacuum of cinema magazine in Hindi language was noticed by the readers hence the publication of ‘Picture Plus’ along with tourism flavour has fulfilled the requirement of the masses in a very healthy manner which has resulted a remarkable acceptance among the lovers of cinema & tourism.
Looking to its quality content, research based narratives, facts figures, literary in-puts, valued entertainment substances, pictorial aspects and tourism prospective the magazine becomes worthy to the institutes, colleges, universities where cinema is the part of their syllabus.

Initially the magazine is started with the twenty thousand numbers of copies per month but the positive response and feedback we are getting from the readers, writers, artistes, producers, directors, distributers, advertisers, media, specialists, institutes and from various section of the society it is sure to predict its circulation in coming years with minimum numbers of laces copies per month.

The tourism angle of this cinema magazine is also informative to film personalities in view of getting multiple choices of places, locations and filming the cinema in a visionary dimension. It is fact that with in India we have many places in different states which are more attractive in compare to foreign locations as well the special benefit packages provided by the concern governments are the factors which may reduce the budget of a film in a very commanding manner. This magazine as a guide helps you to make your dream true in all possible manners.                      
Plan & Strategy of Expansion

Apart from printing, we have plan and strategy to expand the magazine to the electronic world also.
The on line edition of the magazine and e-version format of this magazine will be made available on the net which may be subscribe by one and all.
We are also going to start an exclusive web site for the purpose. The video links of all our interviews and other related materials will also be made available for viewers.

Sources of Income

It is matter of pride that the magazine has successfully completed the publication period of one year.  

We will further focus for various advertisements from the governments agencies as well from the private institutions & parties.

All state governments have separate budget to promote the tourism sector in their states. Our tourism section in the magazine will provide a space and platform to all such governments. We will explore the financial in-puts through advertisements as well by feature writing on the concern subjects.

We will start quiz based narratives related to films & tourism in the magazine which will attract the readers as well this will also increase our circulation nationwide. It is well known fact that each and every single increasing trend of circulation is going to enhance our profit ratio as well it is going to cut down the printing cost of the magazine comparatively.  

The trend based current cinema materials will be another attraction towards financial in-puts for the magazine.

We have choice to keep our own ad executives or we may hire the services of ad agencies. The advertisement is targeted for both the print & electronic medium. The tariff will be framed as per trend & requirement of the market scenario.        

Sale of Magazine

Price : Rs 45/- per copy
(1,000 Copies will be kept for Free Distribution)
(30% Discount will be provided to Distributers)
24000 X 31 = 7,44,000/- Recover in Every third month.
(Average Rs 7,00,000/- per issue.)
(E.g. sale of January issue will return in March to April and sale of February issue will return in April to May.)   
This means that after three months, our basic cost will be reversed. Apart from this, earnings from Magazine's e-version and website will be additional source of income, which will be certainly depending on the hard work & SEOs out-put.
Two inters will work on different shifts for website updates and will promote it.
When the number of website hits will increase, automatically the ads will be generated. Our marketing team will collect advertisement separately for the website. We will connect the website to the activities so that it is accessible to as many people as possible. This will increase the number of website hits and it will have a great impact on marketing.
1. Entertainment Industry across India.
2. Mumbai Local Railway Stations.
3. Other Railway stations across India.
4. Film training, acting Schools, Modelling agencies, theatres academy, art and Musical institutions.
5. Health, beauty, fitness centres.
6. Universities cinema’s departments across India.
7. Especially tour, travels and tourism in India and abroad.      
(Note: Profit of any project starts after six months but it will start getting profit after 3 to 4 months.)

Finance options
We offer below finance options for each individuals, groups & agencies.
1)  Finance the magazine/website and share the profit ratio accordingly.
2)  Sponsor the complete printing and production cost of the magazine and get the free advertisement space in the magazine for one single issue.
3)  All ground support will be provided to financer as agreed mutually.

With regards

Management, Editor & Team mates

                       From PicturePlus

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